Iberian Bellota ham LAZO
  • Iberian Bellota ham LAZO
  • Iberian Bellota ham LAZO

Iberian Bellota ham LAZO

Undoubtedly, the star product of Jamones Lazo is its SUMMUM Quality authentic Iberian cured ham, D.O. Huelva. This incredible ham comes from Iberian pigs, fed exclusively on acorns during the montanera stage in open pastures, which gives an extraordinarily refined and at the same time powerful taste - one of the best hams in the world without a doubt.


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Jamones Lazo's star product is, undoubtedly, its authentic Iberian Bellota ham from the Huelva DO. This amazing ham comes from pigs fed solely on acorns during their mountain free-range grazing fattening stage, which gives it a flavour that is at the same time extremely refined but powerful. Without a doubt, this can be said to be one of the world's best hams.

Iberian ham is an artisanal product, made today in very similar ways to how it was made centuries ago, and highly valued as a healthy food by nutritionists around the world. Anatomically speaking, when we talk about "ham", we mean the whole hind leg of the pig, icluding all the bone and muscle, as well as part of the fatty tissue enveloping it.
Product: Salted Iberian Bellota pig ham
Commercial designation: Lazo Iberian Bellota ham
Quality designation: Jamón de Huelva Designation of Origin

Category: Bellota
Raw material: Iberian Bellota ham DO Huelva
Ingredients: Iberian Bellota pork ham, salt

Manufacturing process:
All pigs that are slaughtered to make hams, be it normal ham or shoulder, have their own breed certification (Iberian or Pure Iberian) as well as feeding certification (Bellota, meaning "completely acorn-fed") issued by the inspecting organization for Iberian regulations. After slaughter and quartering, the product is put to aerate in a refrigerator chamber until it reaches an internal temperature between 0 and 7ºC. After this comes the whole selection process - profiling, classification, roping, bleeding, and then another 24h in the refrigerator chamber. Then they are pile-salted, for a day per kg of the piece, washed in the ham-washing chamber, post-salted at 0-3ºC for 60-90 days, and then shipped to the natural drying cellars for 9 to 12 months and plain old subterranean cellars for the following 10 to 18 months.

Presentation: Whole pieces, 6-7.5kg (you may choose weight in the tab), sealed and labeled with plastic label attached with stainless steel stamp.
Container: wrapped in breathing sulphurized paper, chain mesh, or vacuum-packed.
Packaging: Wood imitation cardboard box.
Labeling: White label with green borders. Top line shows JAMON in upper case, under it the logo as is stamped in red, and IBERICO DE BELLOTA as well as address, phone number, social identification and health certification are beneath in black letters. On the left, in black, we find SINCE 1940, on the right we find the quality certification logo in green.
On the opposite side of the label you can find the production information, recommended eating date, ingredients, and conservation information. The label is attached to the ham by a stainless steel stamp with the health registry number. The ham band is plastic with green edges - in its center, you find the LAZO logo in red as well as the words IBERICO DE BELLOTA in black. On the left, the logo of the LANDALUS Association, CALIDAD CERTIFICADA in red/green letters, as well as the certification seal in green. On the right, on top of the LANDALUS logo, you will also find the company's information as well as the health seal.

Storage: Keep in cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Destined for direct human consumption. Remove 1-2cm of external fat, slice into thin, small slices.
Useful life: 1 year


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