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Sánchez Romero Carvajal's Pure Iberian Loin 5 Jotas. The best selection of pure Iberian pigs, to bring you a unique and exclusive piece, fit for the finest palates.

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400 - 500 gr. cuts.
Features: The Cinco Jotas loin is one of the gastronomic highlights of our country. This loin is obtained from pure Iberian pigs, fed exclusively with acorns. A rich and healthy product that is part of the Mediterranean diet. Made with a selection of meats from the best pure Iberian pigs reared free-range in the oak forests and meadows of the Iberian peninsula. These pigs receive exceptional care during their lifetime and feed exclusively on acorns during the fattening period. Acorn feeding provides the animal a high content in oleic acid that gives the meat some scientifically studied health benefits. The Cinco Jotas loin helps the production of good cholesterol and the reduction of harmful cholesterol; it is also rich in omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9. The loin, once cut and after a natural salting process, is then submerged in a combination of paprika, salt, garlic and water in order to rpepare it. Then it begins a long and delicate process of curing and smoking with oak wood, in the natural drying cellars of Sánchez Romero Carvajal in Jabugo. The microclimate of the area (declared a nature park and Unesco biosphere reserve) creates conditions that make it especially suitable for a slow, proper curation of each piece. The natural drying houses nestled in the heart of the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche give the loin a unique color, aroma and flavor. Once at home, the loin must be kept in a cool and ventilated place until consumption. When you receive it, please remove the plastic cover (which protects it during transportation) as soon as possible. We highly recommend you have the necessary equipment before you begin: a meat cutting board, a proper, recently sharpened knife, and sharpener are the basic elements required to get the most out of each piece. Finally, to pair with this incomparable snack, we recommend a cup of Fino Quinta wine, a match that will make sure you enjoy the maximum possible flavour from each of the products.

Conservation: Keep in cool and dry place.
Consumption: This magnificent product should only consumed alone or accompanied by high quality wine or cava.


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Ibérico Puro Bellota
120 dias aprox.

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