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Cava Raimat Brut Nature Chardonnay

Grapes are selected exclusively from the Raimat vineyards

750 ML



Grape Varieties
70% Chardonnay 30% Pinot Noir

12% VOL


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GRAPE VARIETIES: Chardonnay 70%, Pinot Noir 30%
Grapes carefully selected only from the vineyard fields of Raimat.
Soil: Poor and of low depth (40-90cm), with a thick, claylike texture. The fields keep a mantle of autochthonous species in order to maintain the soil’s richness, as well as avoid erosion and compaction.
Viticulture: Planted with an N-S orientation. Selected strains free of virus. Vertical shoot formation. Short trimming. Trimmed while Green in order to de-shoot, clean, and trim the leaves on the north-facing side of the plantation.
Watering: Deficit irrigation techniques are used, applying hydric stress during specific point of the vine’s lifecycle in order to increase concentration and favour increased aroma and flavour.
Integrated Pest Control: We do not use insecticides. Sexual confusion techniques are used to control the vine moth (Lobesia Botrana). Sulphur is used to control mildew and powdery mildew. No anti-botrytis treatment is employed.
Grapes are harvested at the optimal point to craft sparkly wines (around a potential alcohol content of 10.5%-11%).
After being pressed, the grape juice gets run through a cold exchanger to lower its temperature all the way to 12ºC, which will make the subsequent static distillation easier and make sure the aroma isn’t lost. Once the juice is distilled and clean, it’s decanted to a stainless steel cold tank, where it will be kept between 16 and 18ºC during fermentation.
Once alcoholic fermentation is done, the wine is decanted again into another tank to perform malolactic fermentation. It’s once this is over that we begin to perform the mixing that will bring out different styles of sparkly wine.
Each wine is bottled together with the expedition liqueur and then moved into our cava cellars, where they will undergo a second, in-bottle fermentation to finish up, at around 14ºC. The bottles will remain in these cellars, in contact with yeasts, for a minimum of 9 months - until the enologist is convinced that the wine has attained the correct profile. Once this go-ahead happens, disgorgement starts, separating win from yeast and adding the expedition liqueur back to sharpen the wine’s style.
Alcoholic proof: 12%
Appearance: Bright. Shows a medium-intensity hay yellow colour, with green tinges.
Smell: An aroma of fresh grapefruit with touches of flowers, enhanced with a sweet, creamy background aroma.
Taste: Vivacious fresh grapefruit flavour, with a melon background and touches of mature cherries. Creamy due to the prolonged yeast contact. Clean ending, with a persistent citric sourness.
Drink cold (6 to 8ºC). If necessary, cool down for a couple hours before consumption in an ice bucket. Avoid sudden, brusque cooling, such as putting it inside a freezer.
This wine is perfect for entrees, or to accompany White meats, fish, rice, or pasta dishes.
We at Raimat believe that sustainable agricultural practices are necessary to guarantee the respect and level of conservation that the environment deserves, without really damaging the ability to engage in productive, efficient agricultural activity. The environment itself is our best ally, and in Raimat we pride ourselves of working with it, instead of against it.
This sustainable viticulture is what lets us create superior quality wine, naturally excellent, without ever stressing the balance of the natural environment around us.
Silver Medal at the International Wine Challenge.
Bronze Medal at the International wine and Spirit Competition.


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750 ML.

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