Villar Soria sausages have their origin in the Villar meat industry located in Los Rábanos (Soria) and Burguillos del Cerro (Badajoz). Villar Soria sausages and hams are made following traditional and artisanal processes, but using cutting-edge technology and innovation.

Sale of Villar Soria sausages at the best price

The main plant is located in Soria and has approximately 50 dryers used to dry Villar Soria hams and obtain quality ham for lovers of this precious product. Among the type of product that we highlight from Villar are the perfectly boned and vacuum-packed hams among which we can highlight:

Villar Boneless Ham.

Boneless cellar ham total yield low in salt.

They are pieces selected for their quality and also selected for being a cheap product, which is another of their added values.

Buy Villar Soria hams online

The sale of Villar Soria hams online has grown over time, becoming a prestigious product that is highly in demand among ham and sausage consumers. Among the qualities that we highlight is its excellent texture and great flavor, being a top quality ham. They are hams cured for a period of time between 20 and 24 months and vacuum packed for delivery between 24 and 48 hours. The Aragonese group Villar Soria has gone from being an emblematic meat company in Soria to being a ham company recognized in the national market. The supply of hams and sausages is increasing and it is incorporating different types of food products into its catalogue. The mission we have at Jamón Puro de Bellota is to select the best brands of hams.

Characteristics of Villar Iberian Cebo Ham

For lovers of Iberian Cebo Ham we can say that Villar Iberian Cebo Ham is a very good ham at discounted prices. All our products have a discount so that the price is not a problem when choosing this product as rich and nutritious as ham. Villar Soria hams are increasingly of higher quality and for this reason we have chosen this product and have incorporated it into our catalogue. Don't hesitate and buy Villar sausages and hams at the best price.