In Jamón Puro Bellota, you can buy morcón made from 100% Iberian pork. Its production and characteristics are similar to chorizo, although morcón has special features that make it unique.

We uncover the keys to a rather unknown Iberian piece for many, but with organoleptic properties on par with the best Iberian sausages.

What is Iberian morcón?

Morcón is a typical Iberian pork sausage from the southwest region of Spain. Its production is similar to that of chorizo and gets its name from the casing used for stuffing. Iberian morcón is made with the pig's large intestine, while chorizo is made with the small intestine. The lean meat used for Iberian morcón has exceptional quality, much higher than that of chorizo, with a high percentage coming from the animal's shoulder.

In addition to its stuffing, the main difference between morcón and chorizo is that it is usually made with higher quality lean meat, avoiding fat deposits or aponeuroses (a variety of tendon). It typically uses 30% meat derived from the shoulder.

Morcón production is carefully executed, requiring special hand mincing. The meat processing for morcón requires thorough cleaning and inspection of the casing to create practically perfect pieces. It demands patience and skill.

We want you to enjoy the best Iberian products from our Peninsula. Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to buy Pure Acorn-fed Iberian Morcón from the excellent Sánchez Romero Carvajal brand on our online store. A piece that represents the excellence of Iberian cuisine, with an intoxicating aroma of paprika and a distinctive spice flavor. This morcón comes from pigs 100% raised in the pastures of Sánchez Romero Carvajal (Jabugo), stuffed in authentic blind intestine casings.

The production process involves meticulous selection, hand chopping, and mincing of Iberian pork meats and fat. Subsequently, they are seasoned with authorized spices and additives. The curing process takes place in natural dryers, giving it a unique excellence. The most outstanding feature of this morcón is that it is the only chorizo sausage commercialized in Spain that is still made by hand.

Iberian morcón is characterized primarily by its taste and aroma. It leaves no one indifferent. Its organoleptic characteristics make morcón a delicious sausage. In our store, you can also buy acorn-fed Iberian morcón from the Benito brand, one of the most recognized in the Iberian sausage and ham sector.

These pieces are made with the finest lean meat from Iberian pigs. Their weight usually ranges from 850 grams to 900 grams. They are presented stuffed in natural casings and cured for between 90 and 120 days. To make the most of all their properties, we recommend letting the pieces air for a few minutes before consumption. That way, you can appreciate their true aroma and flavor much better. Remember that the piece should be kept at a temperature of around 5 to 10°C.

The large intestine appendix of the pig, also known as morcón, is used, hence its popular name. Later, it is given that characteristic bulging and irregular shape.

Another aspect that sets it apart from other sausages is precisely its shape. It is important to tightly tie and knot morcón with cotton thread on the outside to prevent the sausage from falling apart once cut. It is usually left for 3 months to naturally dry, so its maturation process is somewhat slower than that of other Iberian sausages.

How to eat Iberian morcón?

This question may seem obvious at first, but we wanted to highlight it especially since Iberian morcón allows us to enjoy it in many ways. Get ideas because they can be very useful when you have guests at home this Christmas, for example. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Alone, in its purest and most authentic version.
  • Accompanied by bread or inside a sandwich.
  • Adding it to some dishes to give them a touch of flavor: French omelet, fried egg, pizza, sautéed with garlic and onion to season white rice or pasta dishes, etc.
  • On a plate of Iberian products and cheese.
  • As an ingredient in a good plate of migas (traditional Spanish dish made with bread crumbs).
  • It is recommended to pair it with strong wines such as reserves or aged wines.

Contrary to what its color may suggest, morcón does not stain or leave an odor on the hands. Furthermore, it has a softer texture, making it very easy to cut and chew. If you haven't tried Iberian morcón yet, hurry up if you want to enjoy its incredible flavor because it is a very successful product and we don't want you to miss out.